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This is a typical made in india air rifle (made in kolkatta)

Most air rifles in india are cottage industry products. Modern rifles are today made in thane, mumbai by a company primarily engaged in making heavy machinery - precihole co pvt ltd - who have the high end hardware necessary to make good quality barrels. Although, several families(castes) still exist in kolkatta which continue to produce and distribute their rifles as they have done for generation.

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# Indian Made

This is a kolkatta made air rifle .177 caliber. The double barrel(extra barrel underneath) is for cosmetic purpose only. File mode is AK Agni 500 Springer with velocity between 500-600fps. The washer is a 28mm polyurethane from IHP bought from hemandas, mumbai for Rs. 200.

The scope is mounted on a custom made 11mm metal metal. The 4x20 scope was bought from china for Rs. 286/-. This is actually a toy sold and marketed by the chinese as a actual scope. For an air rifle which hardly has a range of 50 meters, this toy does the job until 30 meters.

The bipod was bought from an online store for Rs. 1400/-. It is an old style aluminum with black iodized finish.

Whole rifle weighs around 4.2kg which includes the whole setup you see in the video. The rifle is too heavy to walk with and even harder to look through the scope for long periods. Lesson - Switch to lighter PCP rifles.

# DIY laser scope rifle
Laser module was made at home. It uses a rasberry pcb as a battery holder and an off switch and fevi quik.


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