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We benchmark the Gigabyte X470 Gaming 7 VRM heatsink for VRM thermals, which leads us further down the path of future higher core-count Ryzen CPUs.
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Gigabyte's X470 Gaming 7 motherboard is one of the few to have an actual, real VRM heatsink. Of course, the one time a motherboard vendor makes a real heatsink for a non-garbage motherboard, the board doesn't actually need the cooling support. We think that this points toward vendors planning for future higher core-count Ryzen CPUs, e.g. R7 2800X or other options, as we also indicated in Buildzoid's PCB & VRM analysis. We talk about the ASUS Crosshair VII Hero briefly here, but it'll come down to the same thing: Both the Gaming 7 & Hero are using similar 10-phase Vcore VRMs, with IR parts that are rated at 40A (Gigabyte) or 60A. To some extent, ASUS would require the heatsink even less than Gigabyte.

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Host, Testing: Steve Burke
Video: Andrew Coleman


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